Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a TOAR?

The TOAR is a documented assessment of knowledge, both practical and applied, of Tug and Towboat operations. Using highly objective assessment techniques in simulation and in practical demonstration, such knowledge can quickly be assessed. A USCG approved Designated Examiner for the Towing Licenses will assess knowledge and, if demonstrated to satisfaction, will sign off each successfully completed task.

Is this a training session?


Because of the pure assessment nature of the core service we provide, our expectation is that each participant arrives with the required knowledge in hand. It is important that the participant understands the separate nature of assessment versus training. Assessment is a Pass/Fail process. TOAR assessments will be signed off upon satisfactory demonstration of the task, to the standard determined by the Designated Examiner in accordance with USCG NVIC 03-16(Ch1)

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How does this process work?

 Prior to attending an assessment session, each participant is informed of the expectations for their performance, and provided with resources to understand and prepare for what is required to successfully meet each standard. On arrival at the facility, the assessment process takes place, moving quickly and efficiently to accomplish completion.

Where will I be assessed?

 The assessments take place using a Full Mission Transas simulator and classroom space located at MITAGS-PMI Seattle, WA.

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What does the assessor expect of me?

  • A minimum of 30 days observation and training aboard towing vessels on Near Coastal/Oceans routes

  • At minimum, a 500 ton Mate license on inspected vessels

  • OICNW endorsement II/1 or II/3 held or qualified to hold

How many attendees?

  • One to two per session

When are the sessions held?

  • Saturdays or Sundays. Hours are flexible. Most sessions begin at 0800 and last six to eight hours.

What is the cost?

  • $2000.00, cash or credit card.