Seattle TOAR Services

A one-day Near Coastal/Oceans TOAR Class

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The challenge:

Mariners wanting to sail as a Deck Officer in the towing industry face a daunting challenge: How do I complete my TOAR? Lack of on-board Designated Examiners; lack of time for assessments; unwillingness of DEs to sign off the assessments. The process can take months to years to complete. We've heard the stories, perhaps you have too. Perhaps that story is yours.


The solution:

For mariners already holding a 500 ton or greater Near Coastal or Oceans Mate or Master's license on inspected vessels, we provide a one-day class for completing the Near Coastal/Oceans TOAR using simulation, practical demonstration of skills, and completion of discussion questions to demonstrate knowledge and competence in front of an experienced USCG Designated Examiner. 

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The reward:

With your completed TOAR in hand, you've saved time, frustration, and effort. You're now one major step closer to sailing as a Deck Officer in the towing sector of the maritime industry.